Frontier Cthulhu

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"It is only within the last few years that most people have stopped thinking of the West as a new land. I suppose the idea gained ground because our own especial civilisation happens to be new there; but nowadays explorers are digging beneath the surface and bringing up whole chapters of life that rose and fell among these plains and mountains before recorded history began."

—H.P. Lovecraft, “The Mound”

Ancient Horrors in the New World

As explorers conquered the frontiers of North America, they disturbed sleeping terrors and things long forgotten by humanity. Journey into the undiscovered country where fierce Vikings struggle against monstrous abominations. Travel with explorers as they learn of buried secrets and the creatures guarding ancient knowledge. Go west across the plains, into the territories were sorcerers dwell in demon-haunted lands, and cowboys confront cosmic horrors.

William Jones ed., cover art by Steven Gilberts. 272 pages. Trade Paperback.

What the Critics Say

"For fans of H.P. Lovecraft and his ever-expanding circles of Cosmic Horror creators, Chaosium’s anthologies are a must. Frontier Cthulhu is no exception." —Matthew J. Constantine.

ISBN 1-56882-219-7

The Tales Included:

  • The Long Road Home by Paul Melniczek
  • In Waters Black the Lost Ones Sleep by Angeline Hawkes
  • Where Men Had Seldom Trod by Lee Clark Zumpe
  • Something to Hold the Door Closed by Lon Prater
  • Terror from Middle Island by Stephen Mark Rainey & Durant Haire
  • Children of the Mountain by Stewart Sternberg
  • They Who Dwell Below by William Jones
  • Wagon Train for the Star by Scott Lette
  • Incident at Dagon Wells by Ron Shiflet
  • Ahiga and the Machine by Robert J. Santa
  • The Dead Man’s Hand by Jason Andrew
  • Jedediah Smith and the Undying Chinaman by Charles P. Zaglanis
  • Snake Oil by Matthew Baugh
  • Cemetery, Nevada by Tim Curran
  • The Rider of the Dark by Darrell Schweitzer

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