Forgotten Secrets of Glorantha

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The second KRAKEN Chapbook is a transcript of the awesome seminar Forgotten Secrets of Glorantha at THE KRAKEN 2014 with illustrations by Jon Hodgson.

From THE KRAKEN 2014 Program booklet:

Host: Sandy Petersen

Let the Geekfest begin! We’ll make Uncle Sandy tell us stories on how he helped Greg Stafford create Glorantha in the Green Age. The Only Old One has more arcane knowledge, memorizes more sources, knows more amusing trivia and unconsciously guards more Glorantha secrets than anyone besides Greg. All we have to do is ask! Crazy, I know. And yes, he knows the God Learner Secret. And no, he won’t tell us. Or worse: he will.

This Chapbook is a 44 pages extravaganza of forgotten, never told, unheard of, unpublished secrets of Glorantha right from the source — a veritable Glorantha Goldmine. Including the most terrifying Chaos Nest in Glorantha, Pamaltela history, East Isles secrets, the goal of the Empire of Wyrms Friends, more secret Troll Plans, the Black Moon, the Sky Terror and Dragon sexuality.

44 pages.

Forgotten Secrets of Glorantha is produced by Tentacles Press under license from Moon Design Publications, as a fundraiser to support THE KRAKEN.

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