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Sorcery and Alchemy Rules Based on Western Occult Traditions

ENLIGHTENED MAGIC details two magic systems for Basic RolePlaying — Enlightened Sorcery and Enlightened Alchemy. Fully compatible with Basic RolePlaying, these systems are a departure from the magic typically presented in role-playing games, which was inspired by magic as depicted in fantasy novels, films, and comic books.

Enlightened Sorcery reflects traditions found in older myths and legends, and in the beliefs of generations of scholars, mystics, and eccentrics who study the occult. Enlightened Alchemy describes and models a type of magic that resembles that described and practiced in the Western occult tradition and portrayed in various myths and legends from Europe and the Middle East. Enlightened magicians perform carefully-planned rituals to cause heart attacks in distant enemies, to cloud the information discovered by those who seek to find the magician, or to affect the world in subtle and marvelous ways.

This book provides all rules necessary to add Enlightened Sorcery and Enlightened Alchemy to Basic RolePlaying, and suggests settings in which this magic could be useful and exciting.

  • Chapter One: a discussion of enlightened magic, information about increasing the power of these magic systems and how best to use these systems in play.
  • Chapter Two: rules for enlightened sorcery, a large grimoire of sorcery spells and examples of sorcery being used in play.
  • Chapter Three: rules for enlightened alchemy, a list of alchemical procedures, and examples of alchemy used in play.

By John Snead. Cover illustration by Matt Zeilinger. A perfect-bound 8.5x11" book. 104 pages.

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    Book overview

    Posted by Liam Kelly on 24th Jun 2020

    Released in 2014, this book details two completely new magic system for BRP, Sorcery and Alchemy, based on Western Occult Traditions. These are not fireballs or fire arrows or thunderbolts. These magics are generally subtle, unflashy and the more powerful spells require rituals that take time to cast i.e. slow. Suggestions are given to improve the spells in terms of power and reduced casting time to suit certain campaigns and their power setting. Sorcery uses the magical energy in the world and Alchemy is based on the creation of magical items. Only those who are magically enlightened can see and cast magic. Most humans are oblivious to magic. There are three ways someone can be enlightened - through a ritual or procedure, being born with it or being exposed to powerful or unusual magics. Both magic systems have three levels. Called circles. For Sorcery they are casual magic, ritual magic and high magic. Casual magic as it suggests can be cast without preparation, ritual or equipment and take a round to cast. All other Sorcery spells require rituals and time, high magic also can only be cast at specific times. Alchemy three circles are Alchemy of the Black Stone, Alchemy of the White Stone and Alchemy of the Philosopher's Stone and rely on the Alchemist having a laboratory. The third level of alchemy is very difficult to learn. To give an idea of the type of spells. In casual magic, you have spells that temporarily alter stats, glitch affects electronic hardware, requiring a restart or restart to fix, minor healing. They have limited range. The spells of the other circles have better ranges and power. Alchemy first circle involves transforming physical objects and the bodies of living things, the second circle affects the emotions, thoughts and perceptions of living things and the third circle involves direct manipulation of the spirit. Advice is given for using Enlightened Magic in a campaign. It is well suited for historical fantasy and urban fantasy setting. Could you use in Call of Cthulhu? Potentially though I would think probably best used with NPC's Overall, I would say a solid 4 out of 5 . Apart from the cover, the book is black and white, the art is good. it is 104 pages including a two page bibliography at the back