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Dragon Pass, A Gazetteer of Kerofinela illustrates the marvels and wonders of heroic and mythic Kerofinela. Journey from deadly Snake-Pipe Hollow through the Bush Range past impossibly tall Kero Fin, to occupied Boldhome (capital of the Kingdom) and then south into legendary Heortland. Witness the wonders of ancient Kerofinela, birthplace of great Orlanth.

Dragon Pass, Land of Thunder is a supplemental book for the Sartar Rising campaign. It provides maps and information on all of the important places in the land. Many features are described that in the past were only names, and many new places are detailed as well. In addition to many smaller maps, the print version of the book comes with a large, full-color map of Sartar. It also includes a complete index, making it the ideal resource for use with other Moon Design LLC books. It is intended as a resource for Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes.

Dragon Pass, A Gazetteer of Kerofinela is a must for any narrator running a Sartar campaign, and for any serious fan of Glorantha. It is fully compatible with the HeroQuest Core Rules or indeed any game system.

Dragon Pass is intended for both players and narrators.

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