Black Machairodus - PDF

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A special adventure at the very origins of humanity!

The Beast

It's such a shame that our Würm characters never get to encounter saber-toothed tigers!
Something has to be done about that. The only problem is that the European saber-toothed tiger,
machairodus, died out about 200,000 years before. That would explain why the encounter the PCs
are about to have will be a rather chilling one...

 The Party

The characters are on a mission to source good quality flint when they discover a strange skull with huge canine teeth. From that moment on they are haunted by the Spirit of a long-dead feline, which gives them incredible powers. However, when they return to their camp, the PCs realize that they are all bringing bad luck to their families. Soon the whole clan – or what’s left of it – is begging them to go into exile and find a solution. What is this curse? What if the only people who could help them are the mysterious Bear-men that once lived in this area, before they were driven out long ago?

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Nocturnal Media
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Black & White PDF
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Emmanuel Roudier
Kathy Calmejane
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Emmanuel Roudier
Interior Artist:
Emmanuel Roudier