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Basic RolePlaying (BRP)

cha2026-basic-roleplaying-softcover.jpgAt some point, almost every gamesmaster wants to create their own Mythic World. That's what the Basic Roleplaying System (BRP) is all about! It is simple, fast, and elegant, using a skill-based percentile system. Combat is fast and deadly, and with a strong focus on non-combat skills that some game systems are challenged to support. Players roll percentile dice against the Gamemaster-led opponents, or even themselves. 

At the core, most Chaosium RolePlaying games use a variation of the Basic RolePlaying System, which started with RuneQuest. Call of Cthulhu, StormBringer, SuperWorld, and others followed. Once the Basic RolePlaying System was released as a stand-alone product, more worlds like Mythic Iceland and Magic World were introduced.

So, if you want to create your own Mythic World and leverage a proven system that is the backbone of some of the most successful games in RolePlaying history, look no further.


Try our BRP Quick-Start - Free!

cha2021-basic-roleplaying-quick-start.gifWe invite you to downlaod the Chaosium’s Basic Roleplaying Quick-Start Edition, a booklet that collects the essential rules for BRP and presents them in abbreviated form.

Use this booklet to introduce new players to Basic Roleplaying, or hand it out to your established group for quick and dirty character creation. With our simple You will be up and playing in minutes.

By Jason Durall. A 48 page downloadable booklet with watermarked pages and cover images.

Down the PDF here.

Like a physical printed version? Please order it here from our shop, or for even more fun, order the full version.


Download Character Sheets

To make your life easier, we have created AutoCalc character sheets as well as the standard character sheets. You'll have to use a recent version of Adobe Reader.  If you have questions about the AutoCalc versions and how they work, please check out the AutoCalc Character Sheet Instructions.

BRP Character SheetCharacter Sheet

BRP Autofill Character SheetAutofill Character Sheet

BRP Classic Fantasy Character SheetClassic Fantasy

Important: The Autofill PDFs will not work in the PDF previewer of your web browser. Save them and open then with Adobe Acrobat Reader.


Read the Uncounted Worlds Magazine

Issue 1

What makes a great role playing game? That is of course in a sense unanswerable, as it is too broad a question. We can only answer for ourselves, and usually with further qualifications of genre, setting and player group... But having said that, this hobby has been around long enough that for many of us there are systems that always seem to be a good fit — whoever is playing, whatever the setting and genre. For me the game that always seems to be a great fit is Chaosium’s Basic Roleplaying.

My broad inspiration for Uncounted Worlds is the early days of my own gaming — the heady days from the launch of AD&D through to RQIII when fan and professional magazines were bursting with creative ideas from gamers themselves, inspired by the great games being published and their own imaginations. I’d like Uncounted Worlds to recapture some of that sense of personal creativity, and share it with BRP gamers around the world.

—Nick Middleton

Uncounted Worlds Issue 1Uncounted Worlds #1

Table of Contents

  • Musings of Myriad Scribes
  • Rules Were Made to be Broken: Simple life paths for BRP character generation
  • One Realm Amongst Many
  • A Device Most Wondrous and Strange: A Puzzle, a Lute and a Stone tablet
  • Foul Spawn: Huldrefolk and Drowned Men from Ulfland
  • "Be easy and free when you&#39re drinking with me..." Imlis Bragon and Jolish Hurlis
  • A Tale of the Uncounted Worlds: a chance meeting in Tarinport

By Nick Middleton. A 52 page downloadable booklet.

Download it here.

Issue 2

Chaosium's Basic Role Playing is by far my favourite RPG -- from the heady days of first playing and running RuneQuest with a battered copy of the RQ1 rulebook I bought from a friend onwards I've always loved the game engine. But equally, the settings Chaosium used the rules in appealed enormously. As a young teenager, heavily influenced by the book collection of my brother (my elder by five years), I was a voracious reader of Michael Moorcock's Eternal Champion stories. Whilst I was never a fan of horror fiction per se, a friend persuaded me to play this new Chaosium game called Call of Cthulhu and within a week of first wandering in to “The Haunted House” I was hooked and scouring 2nd hand book shops for collections of Lovecraft stories.

But RPG's are not prose fiction: the structural details and features that make a good short story or novel are different to those that make a compelling scenario or campaign. Some RPG writers never fully grasp this, and others prefer to use RPG writing as a spring board to develop their fiction writing skills (RPG writing is after all far less financially rewarding). But some writers not only grasp the distinction, but understand how to exploit it, and move easily between the two forms.

—Nick Middleton

Uncounted Worlds Issue 1Uncounted Worlds #2

Table of Contents

  • An Editorial
  • BRP Stress Rules
  • Enhancing Your Game
  • QI
  • Expert Skills in BRP
  • End of Days
  • Tombs & Tentacles
  • Foul Spawn

By Nick Middleton. A 52 page downloadable booklet.

Download it here.