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A Guide of the Kingdom of Asturias for Aquelarre

Between the green pastures and the rugged Asturian mountains, legends and myths come to life in this new supplement for Aquelarre, the acclaimed medieval demonic game.

Illustrated in full color, Asturies Medievalia is the first in a series of geographical supplements, filling in details of different parts of the Iberian peninsular geography.

Written by Ricard Ibáñez, the creator of the game, and illustrated by Jaime García Mendoza, the supplement features abundant information on the Asturian lands, both historical and legendary, to fill your adventures with both magic and the hard reality of the world of Aquelarre.

  • The history of the Kingdom of Asturias, from its pagan era to becoming a principality.
  • Bestiario Astur, full of creatures that populate the Asturian legends and magical geography, so that you know the places where said legends become real.
  • New spells and superstitions of the earth, as well as the pagan festivals that populate the calendar.
  • Customs of the place and legends to inspire your adventures.
  • Five new adventures set in these beautiful lands, ideal to insert into your campaign.

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Nocturnal Media
Rule Set:
Year Released:
Full Color PDF
Page Count:
Creator et Vetus Narratorem:
Ricard Ibáñez
Antonio Polo
Manuel J. Sueiro y Sergio M. Vergara
Praefectus Editionis:
Pedro J. Ramos
Antonio Polo y Juan Carlos Rodríguez
Tornadora d’Asturianu:
Purification Ramos Villagrasa
Translator Linguae Latinae:
Juan Pablo Fernández
Jaime García Mendoza
Translation - English:
Cabell Venable
Editor - English:
Ronni Radner
Layout and Design - English:
Aileen E. Miles